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  Everyone L-O-V-E-S Da Party Bus... You will also!

What do our guests think of Da Party Bus? Check these out -- then come Party!

Robert and Jess…  Chicago:
Two months ago, we visited St. Maarten and went on Da Party Bus. That was Da Bomb! My advice to everyone planning on going on Da Party Bus: stay away from the pan….. I learned the hard way!

Matt and Jen… Daytona Beach
My wife and I celebrated our honeymoon in St. Maarten. The activities desk at our hotel told us about Da Party Bus and advised us to try it out… WOW! WOW! Best choice I have made since getting married to my Jenny!

Jack… NYC:
A few of our friends (39 of them) celebrated my B-day on Da Party Bus. Unbelievable fun!!! The Staff was out of control … they partied as hard as we did. Thanks guys for showing us a wonderful time. P.S.: Big up to 69, Salty, Da DJ and the Pelican show girl dancers. You guys rock!!

Ben and friends… St. Maarten
The flight attendant introduction was a great way to get the party started. If you are considering going on Da Party Bus, be prepared to party. My friends and I had an absolute blast.

Census office staff… St. Maarten
A group from our job decided to do Da Party Bus. The pole dance was the highlight of the trip in my opinion. It was extremely funny seeing my co-workers go wild on that pole. We already booked our next trip.

Shane and Anna… Miami
I love St. Maarten. This time the party bus was the highlight of our trip. The staff knows how to party. I bought a bottle for my mother in-law and a shirt for my father in-law, they love it!! See you guys again soon.

Stacy… Montreal
I partied on a few party buses around the world and this one is totally different. I had so much fun, that I ripped my pants and kept on partying. I won a Da Party bus bottle at the end of the night for being the wildest on the bus. Next year I am coming with a group of 12 . . . all girls hahahaha!!!

Rosalinda… Boston
We celebrated my friend's Bachelorette party on Da Party Bus. At first I was not sure what to expect, but when the bus started moving and I heard that introduction of the staff, I knew I was in for a night to remember. Within a few minutes the games started and the bus got wild. I SHOULD NOT say any more because…Like the saying on the bus goes…”Whatever happens on Da Party Bus, stays on Da Party Bus”. What I can say is three of us left our P……. on the bus as souvenirs. Must do this again…Thanks once more for a wonderful time…Love Rosa and crew.

What will your party bus story be? Come Party!

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